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Cerakote Pricing is listed below


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Powder Coat,

High Temperature Ceramic,

Dustless Blasting

and Sandblasting Pricing



Cerakote Pricing

We try to stock most of the colors that Cerakote manufactures. However if your project requires a color that we do not normally

stock (due to it not being a popular color that we can't reuse) there will be an additional $35 charge added to your order.

Disassembly / Reassembly


Is always in addition to the cost of the Cerakote coating price, unless the firearm is delivered to us completely "stripped"

$25 - $75 depending on the gun and difficulty.


Handgun / Pistol Cerakote Pricing


Slide Only - One Color (stripped) $60

Frame Only - One Color (stripped) $60

Complete Handgun - One Color $145

Complete Handgun - Two Colors $170

Complete Handgun - Three Colors $205

Complete - Custom design up to three colors $245 + Add Stencil charge below

Distress/Battleworn Add - $40

Barrel - $50

Coat Pistol Magazines - Each (must be one of the colors on the gun) $15

Coat Pistol Magazines - Each (color not used on gun) $20

Coat Pistol Base pad - $10

Clear Coat (Hi-Gloss or Matte) Add - $35

Stencil - Starting at $15

Extreme Detail Stencil Work Add - $50



AR Style Rifle & Shotgun Cerakote Pricing


Complete Gun: Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Barrel, Handguard, Pistol Grip, Pins and Controls

Also includes up to Two (2) magazines one color (that was used on the Rifle)

(Does NOT Include Stock - Except on shotguns)

One Color $205

Two Colors $230

Camo Type Designs

Three Color Camouflage Pattern - $370

Four Color Camouflage Pattern - $395

Five Color Camouflage Pattern - $425

Pieces Only

Shotgun Metal Only - $165

AR Upper and Lower Receviers Only One Color (Stripped) - $125

AR Upper Only or Lower Only - $65 a piece

Forearm only – Rail Type (One Color) $65.00
Forearm only – Picatinny Quad Rail (One Color) $75.00

Stencil - Starting at $25

Extreme Detail Stencil Work - $50